Friday, September 3, 2010

Drunk Sarah blogs at last!

YES! Tonight marks the first night that I have gotten slightly inebriated in the great city of Saarbruecken! And do you want to know how it all started? With a beer + cola mix at the movie theater, seeing "Step Up 3" in 3D!

The one great thing about movies like "Step Up 3" is that, despite the fact that it was dubbed in German, I was able to follow the majority of the storyline because shitty movies like that have a weak plot and are made for people with IQ's below that of the average person. But hey! It was in 3D! And there was great dancing! And I got to drink booze in the theater without having to endure an independent film at the Flicks! (Side note: must remember difference between "Boy" and "Girl" in German so I'm not surprised by a urinal in the bathroom again).

After the movie, Katrin, her boyfriend Florian and I went to this Italian restaurant, I believe called Vapianos? I could be totally wrong on that. But they had great pizzas and great salads and HUGE beers. So of course, I had to continue drinking. After the second Hefeweisen, I was feeling all sorts of friendly and decided I was ready to meet people in Saarbruecken! I noticed two women sitting at the table next to us, and they looked like nice enough people, so I walked over and started talking to them. Now sober Sarah would not have dreamed of initiating a conversation with someone in Germany because it has been my experience that people in Saarbruecken do not take too lightly to random people who don't speak German interrupting their conversations, but these two women were very, very nice, and we ended up having a lovely conversation with them. I even explained what a douche was in English (because the German word, and the French word, come to think of it, for showering is doucher, which makes me snicker every single time). One of them gave me her email, and I'm hoping to meet up with her so I can work on my German. She speaks some English, (way more English than I do German), but it would be nice to have someone that can help me with my German (and drink with me, ha ha). I also think she may have challenged me to a drink off. I can't be too sure. Someone did, this I know. And I have accepted! Liver training to commence tomorrow morning!

Overall, drunk Sarah is quite content tonight. I'm beginning to warm up quite nicely to Germany.

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