Sunday, September 19, 2010

Erste Monat

Yesterday it dawned on me that, holy shit, I've been in Germany for one month. I flew in on the 18th of August, and yesterday officially marked my first month in Germany. It certainly does not feel like I have been here a month. In fact, it feels like I just got here yesterday.

Things are getting progressively easier: I'm not as timid about going out alone and trying to communicate with people. For the most part, if people speak slowly, I can understand what they are saying, or at least infer the general meaning. I'm still too nervous about actually trying to speak German. Alex gave me shit about this last night. If you're reading this, Alex, I promise I'm going to try. The problem being I know I sound like an American trying to speak German, and that annoys me. I know that the only way I'm going to actually perfect my German is to speak it, but for now, I'm content with my pointing capabilities. I did learn an important phrase last night, though. "Nach einmal, bitte." Roughly translated: "One more, please." And this is, of course, in reference to das Bier. I do think I might try to incorporate more Deutsch into this blog. You all can learn German with me!

Gestern, I decided to go exploring the forest around my apartment building. There is a trail right behind the parking lot, so I started walking up it. About 15 minutes later, I popped up in this very organized hiking trail area. There must have been at least 7 or 8 different trails for me to choose from. I started walking up one and ended up hiking for two hours. It was so lovely. I came back down the mountain and went to die Backerei to pick up some Brot. I googled the area and found out there are enough trails to keep me busy for a while, at least until the weather turns shitty. But it was while I was walking around in the forest and through town that I realized this place is kind of growing on me. I'm still not happy with the shower situation, nor am I happy with the fact that I can't shave because my shower is about the size of a small pod used for space travel, but Saarbruecken is starting to get a little more comfortable, and despite the fact that there are some very sketchy places and some very strange people, there are areas that are quite nice and people that are very friendly.

I met up with Alex (the girl I met a few weeks ago whilst drinking at Vapianos) last night to go "out on the town" and we met two American men doing "business" in Saarbruecken. I can safely say that even by German standards, these two guys were super, super creepy. Unfortunately, I was a little inebriated (as was Alex) and they were paying for drinks, so whatever. I was at least sober enough to make the guy drink any drink he bought me first, in case he was trying to slip me a roofie. Yes, these guys looked like the sort of assholes that would drug a girl's drink. We ended up at this club, that I can't rightly remember the name of, and they were playing a shit-ton of techno and there were all these emo-looking German people everywhere. Alex is going to argue with me and tell me they were playing "house" music but my God. It all has that god-awful beat that just makes my head hurt. That still didn't stop me from bobbing my head occasionally. The two sketchy Americans realized that they weren't going to get laid, so they left to go to a bigger club. I hope they found some nice, skanky girls with syphilis to bang. :)

I think I got home home right around 2:30 in the morning. This club, evidently, stays open until the wee hours of the morning--like 7 a.m. Now I enjoy partying, but I don't think there is any way I could have stayed awake until 7 a.m. I got home and immediately showered and passed out. And yes, today has been rough. But we went and got pizza, so I at least have grease in my stomach. I'm just prepping myself for Oktoberfest next weekend. Oh, I am so, so excited.

All in all, things are going well. I'm going to be really excited when I can finally communicate with people. I'll let that happen whenever it may (preferably sooner rather than later). I have a feeling by January, things should be looking up in the ol' language department.

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